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1st Six Weeks Texas History Review

BJH 2022-2023
animal that the Plains tribes depended on for food, clothing, shelter, tools
Most advanced tribe. Primary source of survival was farming
Name of the fictitious "seven cities of gold" that prompted Spain to continue sending conquistadors in search of Gold
general weather pattern of a place over time
Discovered the Grand Canyon
Conquered the Aztecs (name ends with an S)
Traded his medical skills for food and other basic supplies with the Native Americans
Main cause of the Native American population decline after contact with the Europeans
Reason for Exploration - explorers would be seen as heros if they conquered land for their country
Region that has the highest annual rainfall - home to the four largest cities in Texas
Coastal tribe that lived primarily on seafood
Claimed Texas for France when he was searching for the mouth of the Mississippi River
Urban area with 50,000 people or more
A religious settlement build to share the Catholic faith with the local Native Americans
Native American lifestyle where the tribes pack up their belongings and move from place to place in search of food
Mapped the Coast of Texas in 1519
A fort that was built to protect the local missions
River that forms the border between Texas and Louisiana
Mission that was built as a midway point between the missions in East Texas and the missions in the Rio Grande Valley
Native American lifestyle where the tribes build permanent homes and stay in one place