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hint 'ums vol. 18- Landscaping

keeping your lawn looking pristine
dotting the earth with beauty and fragrance
when you merge one plant with another
it grows everywhere except in the desert, really
it is wonderful to see all the beautiful _________ where plants flourish
keeps the lawn trimmed
cutting away the dead parts of the plant so it can flourish and nourish new buds
It is fun to see all the ______ that some bushes are grown into, guided by metal structures
Small trees often grow with _____ beams/sticks, to help them grow straight and not be uprooted in heavy winds
Sometimes, when the tree starts poking the neighbor's window, it is time for a ______.
a plant that grows upward, or along any fence or trellis or wall, even.
when you don't want your plants choked, you pull out your ____ ________ to cut back all the choking plants