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hint 'ums vol. 13- Random

If I handed you a box of junk, you might find some of these things in it.
You can take anything you like.
pour your coffee into a ___ and then let it get cold while you don't drink it
comfy for your head
boughs and limbs and roots and canopy
sweet byproduct of bees
for cooking noodles or veggies in
mankind invented _____ because they didn't like sitting on the ground
canned, dried, or paste
individual sized baked desserts that are most often served at grandma's house
when you gotta blow, you gotta blow, before your nose runs or you sneeze.... Bless you
when producing a wooden masterpiece, the final step is to put on a glaze, or a _____
They sometimes sing, they contain well wishes, and they're sent everyday in the mail, worldwide
keep your place when you read
when the sky turns burning orange and the swallows fly home