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Word Search Crossword Worksheet
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Hint 'ums vol. 1

What is "a puzzle where you look for hidden 
words"? ...Oh, this isn't jeopardy? 
someone who is ____ has vast mental capacity, is confident, and self-sufficient
hard or soft cover
old ones are often found in ruins in england
think cows... where do you find them?
not a marathon, but sounds longer
water fowl
where the river meets the sea
10-letter word for "big"
where the boats come in
a large, pinkish-red exotic flower known for it's long yellow filaments and use in teas
a children's toy; ___of cheese; television show
on porches for quiet evenings. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea
herbal. not a tincture, but commonly used for wellness practices
someone who learns the learners
Where you can always expect a "howdy y'all" and were everyone is always "fixin' to" and get a "y'all come back now"
a water toy that could
hard-shelled land and aquatic reptile