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Oaklea Band Vocabulary

Name: _________________________________
gradually speeding up
play note for full length AND louder at the beginning
walking speed
changes how notes are played through length, shape, and/or dynamic
two or more different notes heard at the same time
gradually getting louder
gradually getting softer
chord using so, ti, and re
loudness and softness in music; volume
two notes that sound the same and fingered the same, but are written differently
the smallest distance in pitch between two notes in Western music
gradually slowing down
gradually slowing down
play notes without separation or tonguing; a curved line connecting two or more notes of different pitches
system to improve listening/singing skills, uses do re mi fa so la, ti
play note(s) separated
chord using fa, la, and do
rhythm that emphasizes off-beats
speed or pace of a given piece of music
play notes for their full length
chord using do, mi, and so
two half steps